Nasza misja

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if people only chose locally made products? This question was my guiding thought when setting up the brand. I want good things to happen in my local community. That's why Daydream is a brand that works locally. It supports artisans and cares about their working conditions and development. I believe that by acting in this way, we contribute to the quality of life of local communities: we provide opportunities for development and offer high-quality clothing that lasts for years. This is our vision. Do you want to become part of it? Support us!

Where do we sew? Only in Katowice.

Where do the fabrics we use come from? Only from reliable Polish suppliers of stock fabrics, i.e. fabrics that have already been produced by large concerns and are lying unused, unless the manufacturer decides to dispose of (burn) them.

And the packaging? Only in Poland. A friendly family company from Cieszyn creates them for us. They are environmentally friendly and suitable for storing other items, thanks to their resistant material.

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